Slot Overview of West Coast Cash Infinity Reels

Let’s imagine that before the advent of the Playstation, a few of gamers were discussing how awesome it would be to play a game in which you were free to explore a city and engage in any activities you pleased. A short time later, gamers of the Grand Theft Auto series were able to accomplish essentially that. It’s a recipe that’s proven wildly successful, raking in billions of cash; some say GTA 5 makes $15,000 every ten minutes. With that kind of success, it’s no wonder that other artists want a piece of the action.

This is where ReelPlay’s West Coast Cash Infinity Reels comes in; while it’s not an exact replica of GTA, there are enough similarities to draw parallels. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect from a bunch of rapping pimpin’ hustlers. The palm trees and broken sidewalks make the area look like it might be in South Central Los Angeles or perhaps Compton, California, home to the infamous N.W.A. gang. It’s also a long way from any tourist traps, malls, or affluent neighborhoods like Beverly Hills. The visuals and sound design by ReelPlay are both really well done, lending the scenario a lot of character and swagger.

The active grid is the car in the middle of the street; at the outset of each spin in the main game, it displays three reels, each of which may carry a maximum of four symbols. Players can place a wager anywhere from 20 pence and £/€25 each spin, then push “play” to send the reels in action. When at least five identical symbols appear in order, beginning on the leftmost reel, the player is awarded a prize. When the first reel on the right has a winning combination, a second reel is added to the right. As long as the rightmost reel increases the win, other reels will be added indefinitely. After a successful spin where the win can no longer be increased, a payout is given and the reels are reset for another try. A return to player of 96.16% is the result of this very unpredictable scenario.

In addition, the symbol multiplier grows by one every time an extra reel is introduced. The value of a symbol win at the end of a spin is multiplied by this symbol multiplier. West Coast Cash Infinity Reels has a standard deck of playing cards from 9 to Ace as well as four character symbols: a Hustler, Pimp, Dealer, and Enforcer. A five of a kind win without a multiplier pays out between 0.25 and 0.5 times the wager for the royals and between 0.75 and 1.25 times the wager for the characters. The wild purple car bounces around to help you win by replacing any symbol except than the Cash scatters.

Slot Functions of the West Coast’s Infinite Reel Cash Machine

Features here should seem quite similar to anyone who has played the older ReelPlay title Money Mariachi Infinity Reels. You can get an additional purchase on top of the Infinity additional and LevelUp Respins already included.

Bonus to Infinity

As was previously noted, there is no maximum amount of reels that may be added to a single gaming session. If a single gaming round has 12 or more reels, the player receives the Infinity Bonus, which is equal to 888 times their initial wager. The Symbol Multiplier may be earned in both the regular game and the LevelUp Respins without affecting the Infinity Bonus.

Inverted Level-Ups

The LevelUp Respins bonus is activated when at least three Cash symbols appear within a single gaming round. On a grid with just Cash or Special symbols, the triggering Cash symbols are locked in place and you receive 3 free respin attempts. During the bonus round, any further Cash symbols that appear are kept, and the number of respins is reset to 3. An additional reel is added to the board on the side if a reel is filled with 4 Cash or Special Symbols.

Prizes for cash symbols range from one to five times the initial wager. Each time the reels are spun, a dollar sign ($) appears next to any Cash symbols, Dealers, or Enforcers that are currently in view. Any time a Cash, Dealer, or Enforcer symbol amasses six dollar signs, it gains a level and awards a prize worth between one and five times the wager. After reaching a new level, the dollar signs are taken away and the collecting process begins again. There is a random possibility that a Cash symbol will evolve into one of the following Special symbols at each level up:

Each spin of the Hustler’s reels awards a prize worth from one to five times the wager, without the use of dollar signs.

When a Pimp appears, it multiplies the stake by 10-50 times and reverts to a Cash icon.

When a Dealer increases in level, the payout for any Cash or special symbols that are adjacent to it (but not diagonally) increases by one.

Each time an Enforcer symbol levels up, it gains the rewards of all neighboring symbols (but not diagonal ones).

At the conclusion of the respins, all visible values are tallied and distributed. In this case, the Symbol Multiplier has no effect on the payout.

Spend Money on a Bonus

The LevelUp bonus round may be purchased at 100 times the initial wager if a player is interested. The Infinity Bonus can be won from the triggering game round, which can have reels anywhere from 6 to 15. Return to player (RTP) for paid spins is 97.04%.

Slot Review: West Coast’s Infinite Cash Reels

There is an intriguingly spotty history of the Infinity Reels device. You never know what you’re going to receive because some games that use it are fantastic and some are bad. While a number of companies, like PG Soft and Relax Gaming, have licensed the idea from ReelPlay and added their own twists, it hasn’t caught on with players in the same way that Megaways has. Since Money Mariachi Infinity Reels being one of the finest Infinity Reels slots released to date, it’s only natural that ReelPlay would want to squeeze some additional playtime out of the concepts behind it.

Although West Coast Cash Infinity Reels lacks the eye-popping hues of Money Mariachi, it more than makes up for it with an exciting hip-hop, gangster, San Andreas atmosphere. It avoids the comedic tone of other films that have gone the gangster rap path, such as East Coast vs. West Coast and Top Dawg$. Unlike Hustling or HipHopPop PopWins, West Coast Cash Infinity Reels takes a more sober approach to the industry. However, it must be said that the game sheet was hilarious. Both approaches have merit, and the mobster motif of West Coast Cash Infinity Reels is executed superbly.

The LevelUp Respins bonus is a big lure, and it’s great that they tweaked the Special symbols a bit. Just like previously, the LevelUp Respins feature may go on for a very long time; in fact, it’s safe to say that this is one of the longest extra rounds you can get in an online slot. With a maximum win of just 20,350x the wager, West Coast Cash Infinity Reels might be a bit shorter than Money Mariachi Infinity Reels. Even though it’s just half as much as what was in the sibling slot, this is still a good amount of possible treasure.

Overall, West Coast Cash Infinity Reels offered a shiny helping of entertainment, and it was great to see LevelUp Respins back in action. The games themselves may not be brand new, but ReelPlay has wrapped them up in a very polished packaging that is sure to please anybody looking to channel their inner keyboard OG.






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